"Sincere, pragmatic, innovative, service" is the value of the Kepeida people, the core of this value is "be a man first, then do things "—— honest man, steadfast work. It is the core of enterprise culture that produces and forms characteristic gradually in our development course.

Sincerity: Ask all the staff of Kepeida to treat colleagues, customers sincerely, honest and trustworthy, treat each other with sincerity.

Pragmatic: Requires all staff to do their own work in a down-to-earth and serious manner, pay attention to steady, rigorous, practical results.

Innovation: Our knowledge, ideas and methods must keep pace with the times, dare to open up and pursue excellence.

Service: To establish a customer-centered service concept, and to continuously improve the service awareness of enterprises to customers, enterprises to society, as well as departments and departments within the enterprise, between posts and posts.

For employees: To provide the ideal career platform to achieve employees; to continuously cultivate the comprehensive ability of employees, so that employees and the company to develop together; to create a sincere, friendly, harmonious, happy working atmosphere.

For customers: To provide products of value for money, meet customer requirements and exceed customer expectations.

For the industry: Lead the industry model and standards, constantly promote industry progress.

For the society: Constantly create employment opportunities, pay taxes honestly according to law, and actively promote the progress of civilization in society.

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