Introduction of Correct Installation of Surface Glass Cleaning Equipment


As the name implies, curved glass cleaning equipment refers to the equipment dedicated to cleaning curved glass. but it is different from the touch screen glass cleaning device again, below we introduce from its installation method, believe in such introduction, you will understand its difference.

Step 1, correctly put the feeding section rack, cleaning section rack, drying section rack, discharging section rack, control cabinet and ventilation box.

Step 2, apply glass glue in the gap between the feeding section rack and the cleaning section rack, the cleaning section rack and the drying section rack to prevent the two places from leaking.

Step 3, connect each transmission system according to the relevant standard.

Step 4, the water tank should be cleaned before filling the water tank.

Step 5, after the above installation adjustment, and then according to the operation order specified in this specification test run.

After the above five steps, the curved glass cleaning equipment was almost installed



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