Classification and Introduction of Silicon Cleaning Machine


Silicone cleaning machine is actually a kind of cleaning equipment for solar photovoltaic silicon wafer (single crystal and polycrystalline), so it is widely used in the wet chemical process of wafer production and semiconductor component production. The equipment can effectively remove organic matter, particles, metal impurities, natural oxide layer and contaminants of accessories such as quartz and plastics on the surface of the wafer without destroying the surface characteristics of the wafer. can be used to complete the cleaning work before diffusion, after lithography, after and before oxidation. Such as: RCA cleaning, SPM cleaning, cleaning, metal ions and debris removal cleaning and so on.

Silicon cleaning machine is divided into automatic silicon cleaning machine and manual silicon cleaning machine

Features of automatic silicon cleaning machine:

(1) Imported servo drive mechanism and mechanical arm without manual operation during cleaning.

(2) By PLC control, all operations are completed once through the touch screen interface.

(3) Multiple cleaning processes may be prepared in advance and multiple processes may be operated simultaneously.

(4) High degree of automation, suitable for mass production, ensure consistency of cleaning quality.

(5) Automatic nitrogen bubbling device can effectively improve product quality and shorten cleaning time.

(6) Optional laminar flow purification system and automatic acid distribution device.

Features of Manual Silicone Cleaning Machine:

(1) Various cleaning function tanks can be configured according to different cleaning processes. The function tank includes: heating acid cylinder, function tank includes: heating acid cylinder, HF corrosion, BHF (HF constant temperature buffer corrosion), ultrasonic cleaning tank, constant temperature water bath, QDR( quick discharge flush), electric furnace, etc.

(2) The cleaning function tank is modular, each part has the independent control unit, may combine at will.

(3) The use of imported components for critical parts to improve the reliability and service life of the equipment.

(4) Adopt imported corrosion resistant sheet to prevent acid and corrosion and effectively avoid acid erosion.

(5) The components of the control system have anti-corrosion and moisture-proof functions to ensure a safe working environment.

(6) Compact structure, small area, beautiful shape and practical.

(7) The operation conforms to the principle of ergonomics, has a good operating interface, and is convenient and flexible to use.

(8) Closed cleaning to effectively improve the working environment and ensure the safety of operators



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