Guangdong released "LED Lighting Standard Light Component Project Implementation Plan"


LED enterprises in the province after the production of optical components products finally have a unified standard. A few days ago, the joint innovation center of semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong province held a lecture on the implementation plan of the LED lighting standard light component project (hereinafter referred to as the program) at the new light source industry base. According to the report, the program was developed under the guidance of the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, which means that the optical components produced by Guangdong LED enterprises will be implemented in the future.

The program was initiated by the provincial science and technology department and the national semiconductor lighting engineering research and development and industry alliance to start the project research, and with the use of the Guangdong province semiconductor lighting industry joint innovation center as an innovation platform, led by the provincial leading enterprises Buddha Lighting, Guoxing Optoelectronics, Xuelite, etc.

A standard optical component is a luminous unit that uses a LED chip as a basic luminous body with specified light, color, electricity and thermal characteristics, as well as specified shape dimensions, mechanical matching forms, application interface ends and usage specifications for lighting products and lighting systems.

"In short, standard optical components are the equivalent of computer-compatible assembly devices in the computer market. With this uniform standard, the products produced by various enterprises can be compatible and interchangeable later ." Guangdong, the country's first province to introduce the standard, will work with the provincial science and technology department to promote it as a national standard, said co-innovation center for the semiconductor lighting industry in guangdong.

"This not only enables the exchange of products between different enterprises, but also helps enterprises to open up foreign markets ." Chen Xueqin, assistant chairman of Foshan Lighting Co., Ltd.

The reporter also learned that at present in the LED standardization this aspect, the international zhaga alliance has advanced the new concept of "light engine ", hoping to achieve the compatibility and interchangeability of LED modules through the standardization of" light engine ". "Actually with the help of its core intellectual property light source technology to set up technical barriers to control the LED lighting industry key links ." According to Liu Xie, a major project department of Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center, the standards of the zhaga Union will pose a threat to the development of China's strategic emerging industries.

"If you join the zhaga Union, you will not be able to bypass the patent traps and standard barriers for downstream applications set by the norm-setting enterprise; if you do not, your product will be incompatible with others and your market share will continue to shrink ." Liu said that after unifying the standards of optical components in the province and even at home, it is expected to break through the current isolation of the monopoly of large international enterprises and multinational corporations, thus expanding the living space of national industries



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