Some main cleaning steps of automatic degumming machine


Automatic degumming machine in the development of these two years or good, before the manual degumming, now the most used or automatic degumming this piece. Compared with manual degumming machine, automatic degumming machine has high advantages in human resources or material resources, and the cost will be reduced a lot. As the first step of the automatic degumming machine is spray washing, the main removal is mortar, mortar has a certain viscosity, and the distance between silicon wafer and silicon wafer is very small, so there are special requirements for spray pipe, traditional nozzle spray often with atomization effect, so spray effect is not very good, now most manufacturers are using multi-slot spray to overcome this defect, our company's spray pipe is specially processed spray pipe, spray pipe diameter dense mm small curtain. This process needs to be equipped with liquid storage drums and spray pumps, and the spray pipe of the spray tank can be rotated through the cylinder so that the ejected water curtain can cover all the silicon rods.

The spray pipe of imported equipment should be made more exquisite, the outlet curtain should be better and more uniform, some also equipped with basket rotating function, make spray time and effect better, reduce water consumption, some companies produce degumming equipment for online spray, can increase the capacity of the equipment. At the same time, the equipment is equipped with on-line heater to preheat the water before spraying, the power is about 50 kW, the purpose of this is to solve the case that the mortar is not easy to fall off when the winter temperature is low.

Step 2 is often equipped with ultrasonic cleaning, by ultrasonic shock plate vibration in the liquid to form very small bubbles and these bubbles quickly collapse resulting in extremely small scrubbing action to remove particles. Ultrasonic cleaning technology is a good way to use physical technology to remove the particle size ≥0.4μm.

Step 3 is to degumming directly or add one step overflow backwash tank before degumming, the purpose is to rinse the particles attached to the mortar on the surface of the silicon wafer again after ultrasonic, so that the cleanliness of the silicon wafer before degumming is better.

The degumming tank of the fully automatic degumming machine is equipped with heating pipe, automatic slot cover and independent air extraction device. The heating pipe is heated to the specified temperature to realize automatic temperature control through thermal resistance. The slot cover is to prevent the overflow of acid gas and keep the temperature constant, and the independent air extraction device is also to place the overflow of acid gas and reduce the harm to human body and environment.

the overall structure of the degumming machine is roughly divided into: main steel frame, mechanical transmission device, process slot part and electrical control part, through the use of stainless steel with PP plate to achieve the anticorrosion function of the whole machine, the top of the equipment is also equipped with an air extraction device, which effectively controls the overflow of acid gas. The whole operation process is automatic except the loading and unloading is manual, and the man-machine interface realizes the monitoring of the whole production process, which is convenient to operate



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